Aspheric Collimator Glass Lens


  • Laser Wavelength: 430~1000nm±20nm / 400~850nm / 788~828nm / 400~850nm
  • Effective Focal Length: 9.85mm / 22.827mm / 1.36285mm / 3.77mm
  • Penetration: ≥97% / >98%(avg.)
  • Thickness: 2.85mm±0.01mm / 2.97mm±0.005mm / 1.8mm±0.01mm / 1.5mm±0.01mm
  • Packing: Vacuum Packing
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    Aspheric Collimator Glass Lens

    1. Function: used with laser beam.

    Advantages: aspheric glass lens is produced at high temperature, stable quality, laser source alignment consistency, instead of plastic lenses with general lens.

    Purpose: laser focus control spot size is suitable for high temperature working place.

    2. The single-layer glass lens belongs to the mold type, and all the accurate points are consistent. 

    3. After coating, the light source of the single-layer glass lens has a transmittance of 97% and the laser very bright The glass coating from 400nm to 1000nm can be use it.

    4. The projected line of each machine is uniform and the line width is consistent, less than 1.8mm at 5M.

    5. Fast and accurate assembly with laser diode.

    ● Aspheric Collimator Glass Lens(BB01-6.35)


    ● Specifications

    Laser Wavelength: 430~1000nm±20nm 

    Effective Focal Length: 9.85mm

    Penetration: ≥97%

    Effectively Diameter: CA φ5.356/CA φ5.859mm

    Outer Diameter: φ6.35mm + 0/-0.02

    Thickness: 2.85mm±0.01mm

    Packing: Vacuum Packing


    ● Aspheric Collimator Glass Lens(BB05-8)


    ● Specifications

    Laser Wavelength: 400~850nm

    Effective Focal Length: 22.827mm

    Penetration: >98%(avg.)

    Effective Diameter: CA φ7mm

    Outer Diameter: φ8mm±0.005

    Thickness: 2.97mm±0.005mm

    Packing: Vacuum Packing


    ● Aspheric Collimator Glass Lens(BB06-4.5)


    ● Specifications

    Laser Wavelength: 788~828nm

    Effective Focal Length: 1.36285mm

    Penetration: >98%(avg.)

    Effective Diameter: CA φ2.64/CA φ2.94mm

    Outer Diameter: φ4.5mm±0.01mm

    Thickness: 1.8mm±0.01mm

    Packing: Vacuum Packing


    ● Aspheric Collimator Glass Lens(BA05-3)

    Aspheric Collimator Glass Lens(BA05-3)

    ● Specifications

    Laser Wavelength: 400~850nm  

    Effective Focal Length: 3.77mm  

    Penetration: >98%(avg.)

    Diameter Range: CA  φ2.4mm

    Outer Diameter: φ3mm+0/-0.02 

    Thickness: 1.5mm±0.01mm

    Packing: Vacuum Packing


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